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Marathon running and training has certain awe about it. It is one of the toughest of sports requiring high levels of endurance, stamina and perseverance in training. It is a sport that taxes the body to the maximum. A marathon winner in ancient times was considered to be a super hero and that thought has remained to this day too. Marathon event held on the last day of track and field events at World Championships or the summer Olympic Games draw the largest cheering crowds on the roads that are crossed by the runners. Such is the glamour of the sport!

In spite of all these factors, marathon is still a grey area in the minds of most people. Do you know when the marathon was first run and what were the origins of the race? Why is the distance pegged at 26.2 miles? These and many more points arouse curiosity but unfortunately it is such a specialized area that there are few blog sites that look into details on the subject of marathon.

That is where our blog site http://www.baxterinlinemarathon.com is such a big help to those interested to know more about the race but do not know where to look for the latest information, news and updates on the subject. All this and more can be had from blogs on our site that are written by people who have been distinguished marathoners themselves or are trainers and professionals in this sport. This is the reason why all blogs on our site are credible, authentic and reliable, each a fountainhead of interesting facts and figures that guarantees to capture the interest of the visitors.

Apart from our regular team of bloggers we also welcome guest writers who can send us informative blogs on the topics of running, marathon and marathon training. If you have a great deal of interest and are well conversant with the points that we cover, please do send us your write-ups. We are sure that our visitors can gain tremendous amount of knowledge after reading them.

What are the niches that our blog site is related to? The first is running and all its various aspects regardless of the distance covered – from 100m to the marathon. Not only do we have blogs detailing out training schedules and regimen of top runners, we also have blogs that go into the lives of legends of the sport. This will surely act as a great impetus for our readers who want to start running at a competitive level.

While we take up the dos and don’ts of running in general and marathon in particular, we do not confine ourselves to providing updates of competitors and the timing of the runners only. We also deal extensively on training and workouts that help to make a great marathon runner.

All these go to prove that if marathon running is your passion and if you want to make it big in this field, information and recommendations on the subject at http://www.baxterinlinemarathon.com will surely give you a competitive edge over others.